3D printing by metal additive manufacturing

VEROT, S.A. provides part for high technology sectors such as renewable energy, biomedical, automobile, machinery manufacturing, nuclear, railway, aerospace, agricultural and defense-military sectors.

We have the latest Technology and Software for 2D and 3D Design

The technical office works with the best programmes – Autocad, Solidworks – for design, drawing, modelling, architectural drawing and engineering in 2D and 3D.

Leading company in sheet transformation | Verot, S.A

Verot, S.A | Leading company in sheet transformation. Design and Manufacture of Racks for the Automotive Industry. VEROT, S.A. is renowned by its clients as a sheet service and transformation workshop where the quality of the work performed is of the utmost importance.

VEROT | Leaders in services and sheet transformation.

We design your ideas

the coming together of the R&D&I and production departments within the same structure enables the design and manufacture of a line of PRODUCTS on the premise of satisfying and complying in a manner which is very close to the technical needs of our clients and the markets to which their products aim.

Optimisation of the Industrial Processes

We commit ourselves to efficiency We rely on a team to deliver the products to our client on time. Our aim, the optimisation of our industrial processes in order to provide our clients with the shortest delivery periods possible.

Quality Our Objective.

VEROT, S.A. is a synonym of quality. Proof of this is the wide range of top brand machinery making up the workshop, and our processes are certified:


Welcome to Verot

VEROT, S.A. From the start, VEROT, S.A. has had the philosophy of offering its clients the best and widest service possible. For this we rely on obtaining the best technology available in the Tool/Machine Market, allowing us to offer a wide range of Services to our Clients. Since 1990 we have been transforming flat products by means of laser cutting, waterjet cutting, high definition plasma cutting…

A Qualified Team

Our employees have high professional qualifications, in order to obtain optimal performance both of the persons and of the production means available.

Environmental Policy

The prevention of pollution, minimising the waste, emissions and discharge generated, while providing our employees with the training and means for them to actively collaborate towards this cause.

Metal additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a process based on the manufacturing of pieces from a 3D model through successive deposition of material layers.


Our engineering department guides you throughout the process, improving the design in order to reduce costs and offer new solutions to deliver a product that is technologically more advanced. We do Reverse Engineering, Generative Design and Topological Optimization. We do Reverse Engineering, Generative Design and Topological Optimization.

Addadvantages Additive Manufacturing


We print with a wide range of materials without using different machines.


We create functional designs of any geometric complexity.


We design complex components without additional costs

No moulds

No moulds, no need to invest in manufacturing tools.


You can constantly review and update the designs. Speeding up the time lines to place products on the market.

Risk free

No risks or costs associated to the maintenance of stocks.


Some Clients of Verot

Some Clients of Verot

Experience in the Manufacture of Racks

Verot manufactures racks designed specifically for the storage of automotive industry parts. These racks have been used in the distribution by part of the main makes. On top of this, they have also been used in the repair centres of these well-respected companies and in independent repair centres.


Your products will be fully protected during transport with this type of container


VEROT stocks up raw materials, steel in general, to manufacture and transform sheets and profiles from different national and international suppliers.


Our track record in the boilermaking sector regarding efficiency, quality and reliability makes us one of the leading companies, this being a commitment we take on as a challenge for the future.

Environmentally Friendly Verot

Our Quality Policy attempts to prevent polluting, to minimise the waste, emissions and discharge generated, while providing our employees with the training and means for them to actively collaborate towards this cause.

Our is a Global Market

We are located in Asturias (Spain)
and work with clients all around the world